Data Centers

Star-Lo Electric has constructed several data centers throughout the state, ranging in size from 10,000 s.f. to 280,000 s.f. Construction of these specialized mission critical facilities to meet client information technology and communication system requirements in an ever-changing IT world has become a specialty of Star-Lo Electric.

Data Centers are energy-intensive enterprises that not only require massive amounts of power for the servers themselves but also require extensive mechanical systems to maintain cooling levels and prevent downtime from overheating. Star-Lo Electric works with the client to both analyze the needs of the site to optimize energy transformation & voltages, and increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. An investment in advanced energy-efficient technologies can often pay off within a few years and our expertise in the industry can help clients reap future energy savings.

We realize that the field of information technology itself, coupled with an ever-changing global economy certainly makes for a complex project. However, we specialize, thrive and excel at the challenges faced on every project. The experience gained on each project gives us the knowledge, tools and experience for the next project.